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The PoCo Heritage Museum and Archives building


Project Manager: Alexander Code

Illustrator: Brad Nickason (Nickason Communication Design)

Writer: Meg McLaughlin

Editors: Marilyn Trautman, Julie Schmidt, Alexander Code, Brian Hubbard, Bryan Ness, Mallorie Francis, Madison Holgate, Robin Langmuir 

Researchers: Julie Schmidt, Alexander Code, Bryan Ness, Meg McLaughlin, Mallorie Francis, Robin Langmuir

Content Digitizer:  Mallorie Francis, Madison Holgate, Alexander Code, Robin Langmuir

Video Production:  Tri-Cities Community Television, Madison Holgate  

French Translator: Océanne Trudel-Poulin

French Editor: Anick Trudel 

Content Vetter: Bryan Ness, Alexander Code, Julie Schmidt

Content Formatter: Madison Holgate, Mallorie Francis, Alexander Code

Project Planning: Margaret Owens, Kanchan Lal, Marilyn Trautman, Julie Schmidt, Alexander Code

Community Collaborators

Our exhibit was a collaborative project and we want to extend our sincere gratitude to all those that helped us along the way. We’d like to thank the City of Port Coquitlam, Art Focus Artists’ Association, Port Coquitlam Arts Council, and Tri-Cities Community Television for all their contributions.

A white background logo with blue, red and black, letters. The logo reads "PoCo Heritage Museum and Archives".

A white, blue and green logo that reads "City of Port Coquitlam".

A white, blue and red logo that reads "Art Focus Artists' Association".A white, pink and blue colored logo that reads "Port Coquitlam Arts Council".A red, green and blue logo that reads "Tri-Cities Community Television".