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Opportunity on the Mile of Gold: How Diversity Shaped Kirkland Lake

We come from near, We come from far, To good old Kirkland Lake!

Like many mining towns across Northeastern Ontario, Kirkland Lake started as a boomtown with an influx of newcomers to the region.

Men, women, and children from around the world brought their culture and traditions, and would go on to shape Kirkland Lake’s identity as much as the town would shape theirs.

Their contributions helped to make Kirkland Lake a social and economic ‘hub of the north’.

Over its history, Kirkland Lake would also undergo changes to its economy. During the town’s successful boom years, this often resulted in the growth of the social side of a multi-cultural community, through social clubs, sports, activities and religious groups.

People were able to retain their unique culture even in a ‘melting pot’ environment, creating a strong sense of civic pride among Kirkland Lakers through the decades. It is a shared history of a community that grew through the efforts of many different peoples, and the generations that followed.

Discover what made this town so unique – from the discovery of gold to the people who continue to make this town their home.


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An exhibit by the Museum of Northern History