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A collection of photos depicting life on the Kingston Peninsula and school life from 1900 to 2020.
The left view of horse drawn school vans with drivers and children dressed in winter clothing head down a dirt road with snow on either side. The first van is covered and pulled by two horses, the second is uncovered and pulled by one horse.
Aerial view of treed rolling hills and 3 bodies of water.
The school with students and staff standing on the front steps and lawn.
Garden plots set in a rural landscape. Mature trees in foreground, a stone fence on the far side of the garden, and a lake in the distance.
A male teacher watches over his students in the chemistry lab. There are ten young woman and three young man participating in class.
A female teacher stands at the blackboard to the right of her students who have their workbooks open on their desks.
A classroom with a teacher and some students standing at the front. Other young students are sitting at their desks. Pictures of flowers and plants line the classroom wall.
Port side view of a steam boat on the river. Passengers stand on the decks.
A three story building with an upstairs balcony. There is a one story wing on the right. A small group of men and women stand at the corner.
Elderly bearded man stands in Windsor uniform holding a cocked hat under his left arm.
Newspaper clipping.
A two story residence with an attached one story wing to the right. A man and a woman stand in front of the wing.
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