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A collection of photos depicting life on the Kingston Peninsula and school life from 1900 to 2020.
Map showing the approximate location of Kingston and Rothesay parish district schools that consolidated.
Older man facing slightly to his left. He has a moustache and is wearing a white shirt with a tweed vest and jacket.
Female students in long skirts and male students in suits at work benches in the manual training room.
A portrait photograph of a women turned slightly to her right with her right hand touching her face. Her hair is up.
Young boys in suits and caps and girls in dresses harvesting the garden behind the school. A teacher stands in the middle.
A right side view of teacher as he stands outside the school near cedar trees. He is wearing a suit and glasses.
A male teacher with his back to a blackboard has a side view of thirty student who are sitting at their desks completing a test.
Two female teachers wearing long skirts and two male teaches in suits pose on the front steps of a school.
Circa 1900. Rural scene shows a church in the distance at the top of the hill. Homes and farms appear on either side of the steep hill down to the lower part of the town.
Aged handwritten invoice.
People stand on school steps. Others look out second storey windows. Students are in four school vans of varying sizes in front of the building. Each van has a driver and is led by two horses.
Left side view of a covered school van on runners pulled by two horses, buildings in the background.
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