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The vision and leadership of this exhibit rest with Kingston Peninsula  Heritage. The project could not have been completed without the attention to detail and organizational skills of Claudette Groody and Hope Hunter. The strength of the Kingston Peninsula community and its fondness for MCS made the project possible.

Local historian Doris Calder, author of All our Born Days, provided the backdrop for our story. The memories and keepsakes of alumni and records at the John Fisher Memorial Museum and Archive generated the stories.

A team that included museum volunteers, school staff, students, professionals and friends with technical and artistic expertise contributed to the exhibit. The players included:

Glen Baxter Judith Baxter
Delaney Crawford Connor Demerchant
Kendra Demerchant Charlene Dorcas
Kathy Fullerton Suzanne Hickey
Susan Hunter Megan Manwaring
Joe Mackay Eric McCumber
Barb Meade Kelly Newstead
Mariner Palmer Beth Quigley
Brian Scribner Steven Scribner
Evelyn Symons Ethan Turnbull
Barb Walton Ellen Whittaker-Brown
Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 62 Students of MCS


The records of several institutions also provided invaluable information and inspiration.

The Saint John Free Public Library
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
New Brunswick Museum
School Days Museum, Fredericton

The act of philanthropy that made the Macdonald Robertson Movement possible provides the model for making a difference.