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A collection of photos depicting life on the Kingston Peninsula and school life from 1900 to 2020.
A man with a hay fork stands beside a wagon of hay pulled by a horse. 11 Family members of all ages sit on top of the hay.
Five young women and two young men in period dress pose in a classroom.
Newspaper clipping.
Newspaper clipping.
Teachers and students pose on school steps and in three school vans.
Graduating class includes eight young woman wearing skirt suits and hats. Standing behind them are six young men in suits.
Many students and one teacher take a break on the steps and in front of two portable classrooms.
An aerial view of Kingston. On left side is school today showing large 1981 additions.
Portrait of young man wearing a jacket and tie.
Bright red poppy blossoms.
Six young boys pose on the stairs of a school. A bicycle leans against the side of stairs to the right .
Head and shoulder image of a smiling young woman wearing a high collared blouse, a collared coat and a brimmed hat.
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