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RCAF WWII Fighter Pilot Jim Ashworth (Video)

Watch as RCAF WWII fighter Pilot Jim Ashworth discusses his time at the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan’s Service Training Flight School (No. 15 SFTS) at Claresholm in 1941 in the following video.

RCAF WWII Fighter Pilot Jim Ashworth (captions available in both
French and English). Enjoy this video with an English transcript.

Pilot Jim Ashworth received his wings at the Claresholm base in 1941. Ashworth continued his pilot training in England, then went on to a Fighter Operational Training Unit (No. 55 OTU) in Scotland.

Black and white photo of two men in military uniform, one putting a pin on the other's chest.

Pilot Jim Ashworth receiving his wings at his graduation ceremony.

At No. 55 OTU, Ashworth learned to fly Hurricane fighter planes. He then provided military air support in WWII Campaigns in India and Southeast Asia against Japanese forces.

Pilot Jim Ashworth retired from the RCAF in 1966, after 26 years of service, a career that took him around the world.