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The First Superintendents

The First Superintendent

James Millar was hired in 1848 to be the first superintendent of Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Color photo of a red and gold cover page of the plans of Mount Hermon Cemetery by James Miller. The cover is old and tattered, and the words are written in golden letters.

Cemetery lot plans by James Millar, Mount Hermon Cemetery, c.1853


He was a well-educated man and was responsible for completing Douglas’ original cemetery section plans and lots in 1853. These plans were so accurate that they were used for the next fifty years.  

The Second Superintendent

a black and white picture of a couple sitting, wearing period clothing. The woman is on the man right while holding a book.

 Robert Watters and wife Mary Fitzgerald, Quebec, c. 1861

In 1856, Robert Annon Watters was appointed to be the second superintendent of the cemetery.

Mr. Watters and his wife, Mary Fitzgerald, had six children while living in the cemetery lodge.  In 1865, he resigned and moved to Nepean, Ontario just south of Ottawa.

Black and white picture of a house in the woods. A man is sitting on the front step holding a white-clothed baby. There is also a large wood fence in front of the house.

Robert Watters and a child on the porch, Mount Hermon Cemetery, c.1859