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Final Thoughts

Brian Treggett was a founding member of the Sillery Historical Society; he organized historical tours and conferences about notable people buried in Mount Hermon. He genuinely enjoyed this work and, with time, became the President of the Historical Society of Sillery.

Black and white picture of a man dressed in a suit holding a phone to his ear in a office

Brian Treggett in his office, Mount Hermon Cemetery, Quebec, c. 1980

“Well, here I am five years into my retirement and writing the final chapters about our families’ devotion to Mount Hermon Cemetery. I truly enjoyed my career and got much satisfaction from doing my best and helping people.”-Brian Treggett

Brian’s Memories: Final Thoughts (captions available in both FR and ENG) – View this video with a transcript. 

As you can see, the family devoted their lives to the cemetery and its grounds to make it a welcoming place to live and to rest.

Mark’s Memories: Conclusion (captions available in both FR and ENG) View this video with a transcript.


A Spot Dear To Quebecers

Oh, Hermon! Oft I wonder o’er,
Thy silent records of the past,
Infancy, when the storm and roar,
Of icy winter hold thee fast;
But, when the gentle spring-time tells.

’Tis time to rove amid the flow’ rs,
I love to walk amid thy dells,
And dream once more of happy hours.

All seems a dream! Thy lovely slopes,
Overshadowed with primeval trees,
Are rich with many blighted hopes,
And ceaseless tears, He only sees.

What broken hearts and scattered homes,
And the grief of mourners ne’er since met,
One picture by these solemn tombs.

This scene of parting and regret!
Bless’d spot! Though long, long years ago
That loving still ever seeks to know
When once again, we shall be near!

A day ne’er passed in foreign climes,
At home, or on the restless sea,
But I have sought thee many times,
Oh, Hermon! Ever dear to me.

S.B. Foote