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Living in the Cemetery

The Treggett Family Life on the Mount Hermon Cemetery Grounds

“Many times during my life, people would ask me how we could lead healthy lives in a cemetery. They had a morbid opinion of the whole situation and could not even imagine living on site. For us, it was different, the cemetery lodge was home, and we were happy living there.”

– Brian Treggett

Throughout its 170 years of operation, the Mount Hermon Cemetery has not only been a resting place for the community but has become a landmark in Quebec’s Historical landscape.

While the cemetery has had many superintendents, one family, the Treggett family, has devoted over 149 years of service to the cemetery.

This story will explore the history of Mount Hermon through the lives of five generations of the Treggett family. Four of whom served as caretakers of this beautiful resting place in the heart of Quebec.

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Editor: Ariel Blouin
Creator and Subject matter: Brian Treggett
Contributor and Partner: La Société d'Histoire de Sillery