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The Women of the Nistawoyou virtual exhibit explores the life stories of ten exceptional matriarchs who maintained the livelihoods of their communities by preserving and teaching Indigenous traditions in the Wood Buffalo region. Please browse the gallery below for all the images and videos related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with a description.
An original map from the Department of Indian Affairs showing Treaty No. 8 in 1900.
A woman seated in wheelchair with two women behind her. On the wall behind them there is a painting of snow and trees.
A woman in a wheelchair with four bracelets two on each wrist. She is smiling.
A painting of a woman wearing a blue dress with her dark hair in braids, her right hand holding a feather over a drum on the ground beside her.
An elderly Lina Gallup standing beside a table and photo on the wall.
A middle-aged Nancy Woodward stands in the kitchen stirring a pot of jam with two other women in the background, one is fixing something on a second stovetop.
A black and white photo of an Indigenous family with four children sitting in front of a log cabin.
A historic photo from the 1920s of camp set up with over four tents, canoes sit alongside the river with children around them.
A black and white portrait of a young Dorothy McDonald with short black hair looking forward.
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