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The Women of the Nistawoyou virtual exhibit explores the life stories of ten exceptional matriarchs who maintained the livelihoods of their communities by preserving and teaching Indigenous traditions in the Wood Buffalo region. Please browse the gallery below for all the images and videos related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with a description.
A colourful painting of species symbolic to the Seven Sacred Teachings with an eagle, black bear, brown beaver, blue wolf, brown and red buffalo and a ghost-like figure of a woman on top of a turtle’s back.
Coloured photo of multiple people holding photos .
A group of women standing close together Lina Gallup in the middle of her grandson’s wife on the right and her daughter Cecile Calliou on the right side, holding a certificate and the great-granddaughter standing in front of Lina all women wearing their winter coat standing behind a Christmas tree.
An elderly Elsie Yanik holding a white and silver Olympic torch on a winter’s day, a woman walks behind her along with tents and trees.
An elderly Elsie Yanik sits on a couch wearing a colourful patterned shirt beside an elderly man and woman, red flowers are shown behind them on a lamp table.
A group of women sitting on the pink sofa on the farthest left is Granny Powder, Katy Sanderson and their children with five generations of women.
A coloured photo from the 1980s of people in a boat on the river, the forest trees are reflected in the water.
A collage of two coloured photos with the text Otehimina-strawberry; the first berry of the season and the second Nipemina-high bush cranberry; the last fruit of the berry season written on it. On the right, it shows a woman in a red coat with a bucket, collecting berries from a leafless tree, the left side shows a high bush cranberry.
An older Katie Sanderson wearing a red jacket, dries fish on a stick alongside the riverbank.
An elderly Katie Sanderson stands alongside four different furs, one round and brown, the three others are fox furs, varying in size.
A black and white photo of two teepees sitting next to each other with trees in the background, one standing taller than the other.
Black and white photo of a hilly land across a body of water.
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