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Credits and Acknowledgements

The Women of the Nistawoyou virtual exhibit was developed with the support of the Digital Museums Canada investment program. Digital Museums Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

The project was made possible through the Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre’s community collaboration in conjunction with the Fort McMurray Heritage Society and Centre d’accueil d’établissement.

Curator and Coordinator: Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre

Exhibit Writer: Josephine Eric

Exhibit Editor: Dawn Booth

French Translation Editor: Monique Boily & Line Landry

Our gratitude goes to the contributors and interviewees:

  • Cecile Calliou
  • Claire Beaulieu-Antoine
  • Elsie Cardinal
  • Fort McMurray Today
  • Gail Gallupe
  • Greg Halinda
  • Jonathan Cardinal
  • Mike Holden
  • Rod Hyde
  • Sarah Loutitt
  • Terry Garvin
  • Thereza Eric

We also want to acknowledge the families and friends of the Women of the Nistawoyou who helped compile and provide content for their stories.

For more information about the virtual exhibit, contact the Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre or go online at