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The Women of the Nistawoyou virtual exhibit explores the life stories of ten exceptional matriarchs who maintained the livelihoods of their communities by preserving and teaching Indigenous traditions in the Wood Buffalo region. Please browse the gallery below for all the images and videos related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with a description.
Gerty Sanderson as a young girl sits on a grassy forest floor beside a large sack and rifle with her two younger sisters next to two dogs, one is petting one of them.
Black and white photo taken from on top of a hill where a dog is looking over the trees at a large steamboat in the river below.
A flyer with red and white color of ribbon that states: Women of Nistawoyou Virtual Exhibit.
A coloured flyer of pastel colour of pink, purple, bluish, green, yellowish with the following information Women working group presents Terry Garvin Photography on May 24, 2017.
A coloured flyer of light blue, pink, yellowish background and writing that states Women of Nistawoyou Exhibit on April 24, 2017, at Composite High School.
A blue quilt made with seven squares to represent the sacred animals corresponding to the seven sacred teachings.
An elderly Kay Loutitt sits down at a table with her grown-up children and grandchildren standing behind her. A man directly behind her is holding a framed certificate.
Portrait of Cookie looking straight at the camera and smiling.
A black and white portrait of an elderly Elsie Cardinal looking forward at the camera.
A historic photo of four people, two men and two women, standing in front of a wooden house, the second person is a young Mary-Rose.
An elderly Mary-Rose sits on a pink sofa wearing a blue cardigan and black beaded necklace with glasses on, holding her great-great-grandson dressed in a white onesie.
A sketch drawing depicting men travelling through river rapids by scow in a rainstorm, some on the boat and many others walking through a rocky shoreline.
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