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George Price

Image of a colourized sketch with the team members of the Paris Crew rowing together in their rowing scull on a body of water with faded hills in the background. This image has George Price's name added into the photo signifying him from the others in the image, and showing him in the first position of the four. The men are wearing their signature flesh coloured long sleeve shirts and grey pants.

Excerpt from “The Paris Crew” Oil painting by Fred H. C. Miles, identifying George Price.


George Price was born in Saint John, New Brunswick on October 12, 1839. Little is known about his youth, but like many of the boys of the era he went to work on the water as a fisherman at a young age.  He was said to be stern and with fierce determination, qualities which helped him become a gifted competitive rower.

Image of a colourized sketched portrait of George Price, a team member of the Paris Crew. There is a high gloss oval wooden frame around the portrait. Price is wearing a white long-sleeve shirt, with red buttons and is also wearing their signature rowing cap.

Team Member, George Price.

George rowed no. 1 bowman and being the oldest member of the team, he brought maturity and stability to the crew.  “…a man of generally rugged health and great physical strength and in aquatic sports in his day there were few who could excel him.” (Canadian Illustrated News, September 17, 1870).

He stood five feet, ten inches and in rowing condition weighted one hundred and fifty-four pounds.

He celebrated his twenty-eighth birthday shortly after when he and his team became World Champions.  The win occurred at the International Rowing Regatta in Paris, France and upon their return home they were hailed as hometown heroes and forever became known as “The Paris Crew”.

After retiring from professional rowing, George worked as a Canadian Customs House Officer and passed away on March 26, 1909.