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Thank You and References

Written and curated: Sarah Roberts, Heritage NL
Project Lead: Terra Barrett and Dale Jarvis, Heritage NL
Translation Service: C. Bungay et D Nanoff
Revisions: Lara Maynard, Andrea O’Brien and Michael Philpott

Thanks to: Agricultural History Society of NL, Bay Roberts Heritage Society, Andrew Boland, Colony of Avalon, Crystal Braye, Kristin Catherwood, Rex Chaulk, William “Bill” Gilbert, Katherine A. Harvey, Historic American Buildings Survey, Tracy Crocker, Colleen Duffett, Sarah Ferber, Pamela Gray, Don Johnson, Hilda Chaulk Murray, Herber Parsons, Ella Pearce, Julie Pomeroy, Dan Rubin, Otto Sansome, Jo Shawyer, Ross Traverse, Doug Wells, Boyd Whelan.

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The following section provides resources on topics presented in this exhibition. Links will re-direct to an external website. Depending on your browser settings, each site will open in a new tab or window. These websites may only be unilingual and may not be accessible to a screen reader.

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This exhibition was supported by the Community Stories investment program of the Virtual Museum of Canada, which helps smaller Canadian museums and heritage organizations work with their communities to develop virtual exhibits that engage online audiences in the stories, past and present, of Canada’s communities.