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Kotak kekwan

Ekoci nanto kiskeritamokw masinasowina acitc masinactetcitcikana ota ke wapatariwaniwok. Makona nihwe masinasowin kitci makisinatek awacamec kitci kiskeritaman kekotc kitci kanawapatam masinactetcictikan
Colour photo, three men near a table preparing their rigging for a fishing trip.
Photo sepia, a group of fishermen on a gallery organizing for a fishing trip.
Sepia-toned photo, two men building a traditional birch bark canoe by the shoreline. A few pieces of bark cover the ground.
Colour photo, a group proudly poses at a holiday celebration.
A father and daughter
Excerpt from the 1984 letters patent .
Constant Awashish, Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation
Annie Tremblay, President and Director of the Seigneurie du Triton
Colour photo of Bruno Caron, President of the Mauricie Outfitters Association
Colour photo of a father and his son; Max and Michel Béland
Two girls holding a fishing rod.
Two children, a boy and a girl proudly pose with a beautiful speckled trout in hand.
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