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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio clips featured in the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Picture showing the Leo’s shoe Reg’d plant. It is a two-storey, grey brick building. Behind it, we see the Lafayette plant with its water tower.
Photo of Léo Papin, smiling, in a suit and tie.
The photo shows the Joseph Papin ltée factory following the 1924 expansion. It is an imposing four floor brick building crowned by a water tower and two gigantic signs.
The picture shows Joseph Papin III in his office. He appears to be inspecting a pair of shoes.
This picture shows Guy Papin, son of Joseph III, with a salesman in 1964. The two men are carefully examining a woman’s shoe.
The picture, taken in front of the factory, shows Albert Charron factory employees in 1928. They number close to a hundred: men, women and children. We see the brick wall and large windows in the background.
The picture shows the town of Contrecœur. It was likely taken from the Lafayette factory roof. In the background, we see the Joseph Papin ltée factory as well as the luxurious house built by Joseph Papin II. In the foreground, we see houses and businesses on St-Antoine and des Manufactures streets.
This is a picture of the Hôtel du peuple, taken around 1910. We can see that a second structure, consisting of three floors, has been attached to the white wooden house on which the sign has been affixed. The sign reads: Hôtel du Peuple F de S Gervais — Prop.
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