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We invite you to explore the documents, images, photographs and audio clips presented in the exhibit.
A young woman in a hospital gown lies in a bed, while another dressed in a nurse's uniform hands her a small glass. Another woman in a nurse's uniform with banded cap looks on.
Three young women dressed casually are studying in a park.
A young woman lathers up to her elbow at a sink. She is looking at the camera, and despite her surgical mask, her eyes are smiling. She is wearing elements of a nurses' uniform, though she is sleeveless. She wears her hair entirely covered in a protective cap.
Over 30 women march in a row, wearing white uniforms, caps, and shoes.
Two young women dressed in nurses' uniforms and caps joke affectionately before a tall brick building.
Over 20 smiling woman stand and kneel outside in nurses' uniforms, without caps.
Cover features a stylized drawing of a nurse's head.
Eight women pose for a photo. They are dressed up, wearing long skirts, blouses, high heels, and hats. Flowers are pinned to their breasts.
A printed card.
Small golden pin.
Five young women hold bundled infants and pose for the camera. They are wearing nurses' caps.
A large home from behind a wrought-iron rail.
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