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Burton Hall
Opened in 1955 at 60 Grosvenor Street, Burton Hall housed the Women’s College School of Nursing and student residence. It was named in honour of hospital fundraising campaign chair, Charles Luther Burton.

Florence Nightingale
She is considered the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale supported education for nurses and began the Nightingale Training School in England in 1860.

Ministry of Colleges and Universities announcement
As of September 1, 1973, the responsibility for nursing education was transferred to the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. All hospital-based nursing programs in Ontario moved to community colleges.

Rowles Report
Officially titled Study of Nursing Education and Suggestions for a New Educational Program for Nurses at Women’s College Hospital, the Rowles Report was prepared by Dorothy Rowles in 1963. It recommended that Women’s College Hospital change to a two-year nursing diploma program that focused equally on theory and clinical experience.

Weir Report
Officially titled Survey of Nursing Education in Canada, the Weir Report was prepared by Dr. George M. Weir and published in 1932. It was the first large study of nursing education in Canada. The report recommended that nursing schools move away from hospitals and into the general education system.