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Admission Requirements: “Women of Superior Education and Culture”

Over 20 smiling woman stand and kneel outside in nurses' uniforms, without caps.

First day of school.


You have chosen a profession which brings certain outstanding advantages. You will be continually reminded of the usefulness of your work as you see patients returned to health… The gratitude of patients will continually surprise you and warm your hearts.

Few openings for women offer such an unlimited field for increasing knowledge and improving skills. If you leave the profession to marry, your nursing course will be a useful preparation for homemaking; and if you remain in the profession, there will be positions of great challenge awaiting you to reward initiative and industry.

Jessie Young, director of nursing, 1961

Cover features a stylized drawing of a nurse's head.

Women’s College Hospital School of Nursing informational handbook.

Young women wanting to attend the Women’s College Hospital School of Nursing were asked to apply in person with a parent. Prospective students were to be between 18 and 30 years old and in good health. Early brochures also noted that “women of superior education and culture” were preferred.

During the 1920s, applicants were required to have completed one year of high school education. Over the years, the school slowly raised its educational requirements. By the 1960s, all applicants needed a secondary school diploma and a course in science.

Listen to Pat, Class of 1958, tell the story of why she chose Women’s College Hospital School of Nursing.

Audio clip with transcript: Pat and Margaret talk about why they chose Women’s College Hospital School of Nursing.