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The Hub of Social Activity

Seven young women are laughing and relaxing in casual clothing.

Good times!


I liked it right away. I lived with my father and three brothers and the only conversation was sports, all year round. When I got into residence with the other girls I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I couldn’t believe that I could talk girl talk.

Violet, Class of 1930

The student residence was the main hub of social activity. At Burton Hall, students came together to study, gossip and console each other in its common areas and dormitory rooms.

Alone, none of us could have managed, but together, we turned the three years into something always to be cherished. Because of them, depressing things of the day became extremely funny stories at night…the high and low points of life were not ours to celebrate or despair of alone, the rest of the class was there to laugh or cry with you.

Student Nurse, Class of 1959

The Social Committee planned activities for the students. The Class of 1961 was proud to report on its successful Get Acquainted Party, where “all the students turned up in the recreation room attired in their most formal pajamas.” This class also made history by holding the school’s first Uniform Dance – a social event that blatantly disregarded the uniform rules!

Six laughing and gesturing women in nurses' uniforms crowd a narrow hallway.

Fun in Burton Hall.


Listen to Gwen and Heather, Class of 1970, speak about life in the student residence of the Women’s College Hospital School of Nursing.

Audio clip with transcript: Gwen and Heather talk about residence rules.