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Welcome to our gallery of images illustrating Oshawa's waterfront at work and play. Please browse the gallery below for all the images and videos related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video or audio clip.
Black and white photograph of a long boat named, Harry H, on the water.
Document printed in black type on a beige background.
Colour photograph of a brass propeller.
A group of individuals standing near a boat, Harry H, docked at the Oshawa Harbour.
Black and white photograph of a large ship. Midland Prince is written on the side of the ship. Coal piles are in the background.
Colour photograph of a large ship docked at the harbour unloading coal. A person is seen near the bottom of the image and small boats are anchored in the water.
Black and white photograph of two children on tricycles by a large sign that says Danger End of Pavement Open Docks Ahead.
Colour photograph of a child standing in front of marble statue surrounded by a pool of water. Trees line the street behind the statue and cars are parked on the street.
Black and white aerial photograph of the second marsh and harbour.
Colour aerial photograph of the land around the Oshawa Harbour before the Marina opened. There is a farm in the foreground and harbour buildings in the background.
A colour photograph of two objects a cap and scarf from Sea Rangers.
Black and white photograph of eleven people around a trophy. They are all wearing white shirts with the same caps.
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