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Welcome to our gallery of images illustrating Oshawa's waterfront at work and play. Please browse the gallery below for all the images and videos related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video or audio clip.
Colour photo collage of three different buildings. One is brown brick, one is stone and one is yellow frame.
Colour photograph of large ship, Lakespan Ontario, docked at Oshawa Harbour.
Colour photograph of red and white transport truck, backing into large ship, Lakespan Ontario, that is docked at the pier.
Colour photograph of beach with a few trees and a large ship docked at the Oshawa Harbour behind.
Colour aeriel photograph of the marina lands at the Oshawa Harbour.
Colour photograph of a submarine docked at the harbour.
Colour photograph of five people, one is holding a top hat, standing in front of a large ship.
Colour aerial photograph of the Oshawa Harbour lands. There is a large ship docked in the main channel, a few harbour buildings in the centre of the image and a view of the marina in the background.
Colour photograph of a field with white flowers, looking west towards the harbour lands, a cone-shaped structure and various industrial buildings are in the background.
Logo with a circular design outlined in while and filled with blue a green leaf is in the centre. Text Green Marine Certified is written in white lettering.
Colour aerial photograph of Oshawa Harbour. Two large ships are docked at the channel in the middle of the image, and there are various industrial buildings in the background and a beach and trees on the other side of the harbour.
Colour aerial photograph of a harbour with two ships docked on the east and west wharf. A tug boat departs the harbour.
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