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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Memories of the Fraser Manor. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Colour photograph of two men, one on a step-ladder, putting up wallpaper in the drawing room.
Colour photograph of one man and five women dressed in period costumes, posing for the camera in front of a brick house.
Colour photograph of a woman in a Victorian dress in front of a house painted green.
Colour image of a large brick house in winter behind a low cedar hedge and several trees.
Colour photograph of a table with porcelain dishware and silverware. An imposing sideboard is in the background.
Black-and-white photograph. A grandfather clock stands in a corner. Beside it is a chair, placed against a glass door.
Colour photograph of the drawing room, decorated in the Victorian style. A baby grand piano is in the corner. An opening in the wall gives onto the dining room. An explanatory panel is on a stand on the right.
Black-and-white photograph. A road in the foreground leads to a house surrounded by trees.
Newspaper article with the headline The history of Rivière-du-Loup comes to life at Manoir Fraser and a photo of the partners involved in the restoration.
Video excerpt on what Manoir Fraser represents for three citizens involved in its restoration.
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