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The exhibit highlights the contributions made by the local service groups over the years.
A red Shriners fez. On top there are four sets of air holes in the form of circles, and three rows of holes in each circle. The beaded lettering on the front reads KHARTUM THE PAS SHRINE CLUB. There is also a symbol of an Arabic Sword and an Egyptian crest with a silver star below it. A long black tassel is attached from the top and hangs down the side. On the right side there is a silver broach with a studded Arabic sword and a crescent below with a maple leaf in the center.
The gold pin highlights a trapper holding a Lions emblem in his hand. He has a white face and hands, a black hat and brown clothing. To his right is a sled dog, completely in gold. They are both standing on an irregular patch of white snow. The gold text “The Pas Lions Club/5M-13” appears in the in the snow patch. The text “Artiss-Regina/Taiwan” appears near the bottom of the textured gold back. This pin is cut to the shape of the Trapper, sled dog and snow patch and has a single butterfly clutch.
keystone kops arresting two fur queen contestants outside in front of a bank
fur queen contestants and keystone kops inside log cabin laughing
This pin is in the shape of the Trappers sign. The recto shows the man from the Trappers sign, in gold, holding the Lions emblem in his hand. There is a white sign in front of him with gold coloured lettering reading The Pas. He and the sign are standing on an irregular shaped piece with a dark blue field.
This gavel has a handle attached to a mallet style head, both made of wood and lightly stained with a varnish layer. Both parts are carved with simple lathe style designs. The middle of the mallet head is wrapped with a sheet of metal and the ends are fixed where the handle attaches to the mallet head. The metal sheet has the Lions emblem and the text: Northern Lites/Lions Club and The Pas/Manitoba.
Wedding of Alfred Lafontaine and Melline Meulles. They and their two witnesses are posing for the camera.
Man driving zamboni on indoor rink
Kinsmen Place
Kinsmen Place
Charlebois Chapel
John Ridyard posing for a portrait photograph wearing glasses and a shirt, tie and jacket.
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