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The exhibit highlights the contributions made by the local service groups over the years.
The main part of the pin is a three dimensional Royal Purple crest/logo with purple inlay. Of note, the eyes of the elk are inlaid with a red substance. There are ornate gold decorations above the crest/logo that lead to two chains. These chains hang from a pin that features two maple leaves and is inscribed The Pas/Lodge No88. There is a locking pin on the back of the leaves.
John A. Campbell sitting for a portrait.
four men formally dressed sitting at a table facing the camera
Photograph of Mr. Frank Bickle facing camera with short white hair, white shirt, jacket and tie
Rotary Park
White apron with a blue border and strap that looks like an over-the-shoulder book bag. A flap, triangular in shape, hangs down 1/3 of the way centered by a silver mason badge with a blue floral design around it. The back is a piece of blue cotton fabric and the front is a white leather-material with blue bordering around the edges and front flap. Two blue cloth strips hang down with a metallic bar (silver) and 7 chains and small metal globes hanging from each bar on the bottom left and right corners are silver metal mason badges. In belt fastener is an S shaped silver snake. An adjustable belt with silver metal clasps is at the top under flap.
W.H. Bunting has his arms folded in this photograph. He looks serious and he is wearing a dark suit, light shirt and tie.
laying corner stone at Masonic Hall c. 1929
Plain white licence plate with blue lettering for the Masons of Manitoba and a gold symbol lined in blue.
Charlie Krempeaux and Family sitting outside on the main street of The Pas likely during the warmer months.
Violet Guymer as a young woman posing for a portrait. She is wearing a dark dress and has a string of pearls that extends to her lap.
Golden yellow licence plate with red and green lettering and symbols of the Shriners club which consists of an upside down quarter moon filled in with green colouring, an Egyptian Pharaoh inside a pyramid at the top of the moon and a star hanging underneath the Pharaoh.
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