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The exhibit highlights the contributions made by the local service groups over the years.
A number of young people dressed in winter gear roasting bannock over a fire. The activity was part of the 1999 Trappers' Festival.
“Trapper’s signage cut in the shape of the trapper holding a “welcome to the Pas” sign. Secondary sign to the right with a logo at top. Link to video for description”
People are walking down a path going towards the water for the picnic. Cars are parked to the right and to the left there is open space. Numerous trees are in the background and through a space in the trees the lake is visible.
There are a couple of men holding a hose with water shooting out of it towards the playground. It looks like they may be making a skating rink. In the background there are a couple of children playing on the swings.
Joseph Nazaire is smiling as he faces the camera. He is wearing a dark jacket and a white shirt and patterned tie.
exhibit poster with a white background and black text and coloured symbols of the service groups represented in the exhibit
Purple fez with “Elks/No 135/Past/D.D.G.E.R./The Pas” spelled out. In the centre is a metal elk relief. It has a gold tassel.
Purple shield shaped patch with white trim, lettering and elk at centre. In white on patch is written The Pas, no.135.
The jacket is single breasted and purple throughout. There is a partial inner lining of a slightly lighter purple. The jacket has two side pockets and one breast pocket on the left side. The Elks crest is sewn to this pocket. The crest reads The Pas/Lodge/B.P.O.E./No./135. The Pas and 135 are hand stitched to the crest while the rest is machine stitched.
Erik Wadelius is sitting on floor in front of a Christmas tree.
The jacket is made up of a purple textile and is single breasted. White piping is attached around all the edges except for the cuffs on the arms. The piping for the cuffs is located seven cm from the edge. There are three pockets on the jacket, one on either side at the bottom edge and a single pocket on the left breast. Attached to the breast pocket is The Pas Royal Purple crest.
It is a bellboy style hat made from purple textile. A tassel attaches to a button on the top of the hat with a white cord. The tassel is made up of white and purple cords with a white cord tying them together near the top where the cords meet. A small chain of cut clear stones set in claws hold the tassel to the edge of the hat. On the front of the hat is a diamond shaped pin. The pin is an outline with an elk's bust in the centre. The diamond outline is studded with cut clear stones and the elk has cut orange stones for eyes.
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