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Explore the gallery below to see the exhibit’s images. Click on an image to enlarge and learn more on the subject.
Black and white photograph, close-up of the wood framework of a building under construction, the rear wall is unfinished, inside are building materials and workers, in the foreground on the left, a woman looks toward the camera.
Color photograph, red brick church with steeple and statue in an alcove, on the church porch is garden furniture, on the right of the building, a boarded up window and a concrete slab annex, fields in the background.
Old black and white photograph, large body of water, trees and vegetation in the foreground, a church steeple and a row of small houses in the background.
Color photograph, long shot of church interior with decorated dome, in the background a platform and large copper pipe organ, in the foreground, rows of wood pews.
Color photograph, long show, in the foreground, a large cemetery, in the background, a stone church and its steeple. To the left of the building, a large red brick structure topped with a dome.
Color photograph, close-up of a woman kneeling on the side of a pew. She is gloved and working with a rag to restore a wood pew in a richly decorated church.
Old black and white photograph, close-up of church interior, richly decorated chapel with liturgical furnishings, statues and paintings, in the foreground, a varnished wood railing and pews.
Color photograph, long shot taken at night, back view of church, presbytery and cemetery, the exterior lights of the church are lit.
Old black and white photograph, long shot of richly decorated church interior and liturgical furnishings, statues and religious paintings.
: Color photograph, long shot, church interior richly decorated and lit with a large vaulted ceiling, decorated with religious characters, liturgical furnishings accented with gold and walls in a semicircle shape are covered with woodwork and gold accents.
Color photograph, close-up of an anchor-shaped brass religious object with many cells in which can be placed votive candles.
Color photograph, close-up of a religious object made of brass, gold and ivory, in the shape of a stemmed glass and cross-topped lid.
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