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Color photograph, long shot, church interior whose arches and walls are completely covered in white wood panels, in the background, liturgical furnishings and religious artwork, in the foreground, religious furnishings and a varnished wood railing.
Old black and white photograph, four workers in front of a small stone chapel under construction with scaffolding.
Old black and white photograph, long shot, in the foreground a large flower garden in front of a building, in the background, side-view of a church and its steeple.
Color photograph, long shot, stone church façade with cross on top, to the left, the stone steeple tower and oxidized copper roof, and landscaping in the foreground.
Color photograph, long shot, side-view of a red brick church with an angled roof and metal steeple.
Color photograph taken in winter, side view of a red brick church with a wood steeple covered with sheet metal, in the foreground, a path leading to the main entrance and snow-covered trees.
Color photograph, long shot of a stone and brick church with an atrium in the façade, on the building’s right, a square stone steeple that is open on all four sides.
Color photograph, long shot taken in winter, in the foreground, stone church façade with a square steeple and pinnacles, in the background, a river, and a cemetery to the left of the building.
Color photograph, long shot of stone church facade with a wood and metal steeple surrounded by trees. In the background, a presbytery on the left and a cemetery on the right.
Color photograph, side view of a stone church with metal multi-sloped roof and a steeple, surrounded by a low stone wall bordering a sidewalk and paved road.
Old black and white photograph of a stone church facade and presbytery, in the foreground on the right, two young girls are riding bicycles.
Old colored photograph of an oval shape, long shot of a crowd posing for a photo in front of a small white and blue church.
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