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Trendy churches

Color photograph taken in winter, side view of a red brick church with a wood steeple covered with sheet metal, in the foreground, a path leading to the main entrance and snow-covered trees.

Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin Catholic church, Hudson, 2007

The vast majority of today’s churches have replaced chapels and smaller wood churches built at the beginning of the territory’s development.

During the 19th century, these were destroyed and replaced by more prestigious ones, catering both to the growing population and to the desire to distinguish oneself and boast of new prosperity.


Color photograph, long shot taken in winter, in the foreground, stone church façade with a square steeple and pinnacles, in the background, a river, and a cemetery to the left of the building.

St. James Anglican church, Hudson, 2013

This explains why Vaudreuil-Soulanges houses many churches whose diversity bears witness to its location, the community that built it and their financial means, as well as the time of its construction.

Color photograph, long shot of stone church facade with a wood and metal steeple surrounded by trees. In the background, a presbytery on the left and a cemetery on the right.

Sainte-Marthe Catholic church, Sainte-Marthe, 2017

Color photograph, long shot, stone church façade with cross on top, to the left, the stone steeple tower and oxidized copper roof, and landscaping in the foreground.

Saint-Lazare Catholic church, Saint-Lazare, 2017

From the oldest church built in the seigneurial period to the modern architectural masterpieces built by renown architects, each one displays evident aesthetic and artistic qualities as well as diverse craftmanship. Every material is shown in its best light, from farmer-gathered fieldstones to brick and cement.

Color photograph, long shot of a stone and brick church with an atrium in the façade, on the building’s right, a square stone steeple that is open on all four sides.

Saint-Zotique Catholic church, Saint-Zotique, 2017

Color photograph, long shot, side-view of a red brick church with an angled roof and metal steeple.

Sainte-Claire-d’Assise Catholic church, Rivière-Beaudette, 2009

The interiors vary between wood sculpted by local artisans or famous sculptors, to the modern steel-framed atriums.

Throughout the centuries, styles evolved, and the influences show either the know-how of en vogue architects or the community’s roots. Without a doubt, the community’s fingerprints are embedded within each church and narrate its local history. Some churches are genuine historical symbols.

Color photograph, side view of a stone church with metal multi-sloped roof and a steeple, surrounded by a low stone wall bordering a sidewalk and paved road.

Sainte-Jeanne-de-Chantal Catholic church, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, 2016