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Color photograph, long shot of a church interior with exposed wood beams, in the foreground, wood pews holding red books, in the background, a large copper pipe organ.
Color photograph, long shot of a red brick church facade with a steep sloped roof and square steeple, in the front, a sidewalk leads to a wood door on the righthand side of the building.
Color photograph, long shot of church interior with a dome entirely sculpted out of wood, in the foreground, wood pews on each side of a main aisle, on the sides, colored stained glass windows, in the background, an atrium with multi-colored windows.
Old black and white photograph, long shot taken in winter, façade and side-view of a stone church and its square steeple.
Color photograph, aerial view of an urban area on the waterfront of a large river, in the center, a church and its steeple, in the background, extensive farm lands.
Interior view of a semicircle section of a church, long shot of walls with many religious plaster statues placed on wooden pedestals, above them are sculpted wooden canopies, in the center, liturgical furnishings.
Old watercolor painting depicting a large cross, a church, and small houses on the waterfront, with people welcoming seafarers from various vessels arriving on the riverside.
Color photograph, long shot, in the foreground, a river, riverside and trees, in the background, the façade of a large stone church and steeple.
Old black and white photograph, long shot of a richly decorated church interior, in the foreground, nuns all dressed in black are kneeling in front of a celebrant during a religious ceremony.
Old black and white photograph, close-up of a young boy holding a cross and wearing sheepskin, standing next to a small sheep.
Old black and white photograph, long shot of a crowd of women surrounding a group of ecclesiastic dignitaries in front of a large stone church.
Old sepia photograph, young girls, hands joined, all dressed in white stand on a house porch decorated with flags and religious accessories, the girls personify angels as they stand on each side of an altar of repose.
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