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Color photograph, close-up of people listening to a man wearing white gloves and holding an object in his hands, on a table a few religious objects and photographic material.
Color photograph, close-up of a gold and blue statue representing a woman wearing a crown and standing on a globe, arms outstretched, she is crushing a snake at her feet.
Color photograph, close-up, a life-size wax statue representing a woman dressed in green and white silk is lying on cushions and surrounded by pink flowers in a glass tomb.
Color photography, close-up of church containing photographic material, various religious objects on tables and a woman working at a computer.
Color photograph, close-up of richly decorated liturgical furnishings which are sculpted and decorated with gold leaf, comprising a tomb and a table on which an upper section holds two statues and wooden gold leaf candlesticks.
Color photograph, close-up of a long, stained glass oval window showing two characters, a woman kneeling in front of a man standing on a cloud. Near the bottom of the glass an inscription is written: Donated by Mr. Commander Lawrence A. Wilson, 1928, Montreal.
Color photograph, close-up of a painting of a man looking to the heavens and wearing a crown of thorns on his head. The painting is in an oval frame sculpted out of wood and covered in gold leaf.
Old black and white photograph, long shot of church interior, in the background, liturgical furnishings and many statues, in the foreground, multiple rows of wooden pews.
Color photograph, long shot of church interior richly decorated with murals on the walls and columns, two large pieces of fabric green and red are suspended above the nave. On the back gallery, a photograph and a large pipe organ.
Color photography, long shot of a crowd wearing various period costumes on the front steps of a stone church after Sunday Mass.
Color photograph, richly decorated church interior, religious celebration where the participants are dressed in period costumes.
Color photograph, inside a small chapel transformed into a theater, children are sitting on wood pews and are listening to a theatrical representation with musicians in period costumes.
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