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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Chilliwack's Chinatowns: A Story of Diversity, Racism, and Arson. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video and audio clips.
Photograph of the Chilliwack Museum with two trees in foreground
Four artifacts (a fan, table cover, fan and a rice bowl) from the Chilliwack Museum and Archives artifact collection
Two black and white photographs of marker stones from the Chilliwack Cemetery (left) and headstone for Chung Bing Kee and Chung Lim Shee (right)
Front cover of the book, “Chilliwack’s Chinatowns: A History,” by Dr. Chad Reimer. The cover has a black and white photo of a young boy and a man standing hand in hand in front of a merchant’s store. Fruit stalls are to the left and vegetable stalls are to the right.
3/4 view of purple silk jacket in display case
Wood abacus with 9 bars holding 63 wood beads
Opened hand-held fan with floral design made with blue paper
Round dark brown glazed ceramic jar with lipped opening. Chinese characters on the side of jar.
Mahjong game set housed in a wooden box with five drawers opened to expose the tiles and supplies.
Round cream-coloured cotton table cover with scalloped edge and embroidered floral pattern
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