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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to One Hundred Years Without Dropping a Stitch: The Cercle de Fermières Saint-Eustache. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Two smiling women are standing side by side. One is holding a notebook and the other a sheaf of lined paper. On a desk in front of them is a full bag from the store Bureau Buro plus.
A woman who is several months pregnant poses in her kitchen.
A woman in a pink sweater stands behind a table with various textile creations spread out on it. More pieces hang on a board behind her.
Five women sit behind a long table at the 2019 exhibition and sale, with some of their textile creations spread out in front of them. A small sign attached to the front of the table reads “Souris au travail” (“Mice at work”).
A black and white photo of three women inspecting a blanket. A quilt and some items of clothing are hanging behind them. On their right, blankets have been spread out on a table and a spinning wheel is displayed.
A smiling Fermière stands in her booth at the exhibition and sale, holding patchwork hot pads. Similar pieces are arranged on a table in front of her, and bags are hanging on a board behind her.
Several Fermières sit around a large rectangular table on which there are cutting boards, pots and vegetables. Some of the women are cutting vegetables.
Fourteen women in long skirts or dresses and six men in suits are in the corner of a room. The women in the front row are all seated. The men and women in the back row are standing.
A green, white and yellow flag with a fringe along the bottom. In the middle, a field, a woman and a beehive, a bread oven and a sheaf of wheat are painted inside a shield. The Fermières’ motto, Pour la terre et le foyer (“For land and home”) is inscribed above and below the shield.
A photo of six smiling women posing next to one other.
Three Fermières label pins are arranged on a white background. The first two are gold and in the shape of a map of Québec. They show three women. The third is shaped like the letter Q; it is yellow, red and green and in the middle is the silhouette of a person.
A quilt made up of nearly 40 squares. In the middle on a larger white square is the old logo of the Fermières showing three women in front of a map of Québec. It reads Fédération 16 (Federation 16) and 50e (50th anniversary). The surrounding squares are very colourful, and each one represents a different Cercle de Fermières.
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