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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to One Hundred Years Without Dropping a Stitch: The Cercle de Fermières Saint-Eustache. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
An open binder containing issues of the Fermières’ magazine. On the left, an advertisement from the company Phentex is on the back cover of one issue. On the right, on the cover of another issue, the title “La Revue des Fermières” appears in white letters and there is a photo of a woman in an armchair. She is wearing earphones and holding a newspaper. On the floor next to her are a glass and cigarettes. A turquoise banner at the top of the page reads: “What is my husband’s place in the home?”
A black and white photograph of around twenty women in white wearing corsages, standing together on a stage. A piano can be seen to their left and a bouquet of flowers on a stool to their right.
A sepia photograph of several dozen women and a few men gathered in front of a church. They are all looking straight ahead.
Three newspaper clippings joined together. The clearly legible headlines read: “Fermières finally have their own location,” “Official opening of the Fermières de Saint-Eustache location” and “Finally, a location for the Fermières de Saint-Eustache.”
Reproduction of a newspaper article with the headline “Cercle de Fermières de Saint-Eustache: 60 years already.”
Two smiling women pose on a stage. In front of them a red balloon, a green balloon and a yellow balloon can be seen, and behind them hangs a red and burgundy quilt.
Nearly thirty white placards with writing on them are displayed in the corner of a room. Each one shows a claimdemand made by the Cercle de Fermières and the year in which it was adopted.
Several dozens of Fermières are gathered in a large hall for a group photograph. In front of the group is a white banner showing the logo of the Cercles de Fermières du Québec with the words “Cercle de Fermières Saint-Eustache.”
Two women are standing in front of a large tree in the summer. They are looking straight ahead and smiling.
Two women in costumes are arm in arm, laughing. The one on the left is wearing a black hat and a red, blue and green shawl with a red fringe. The one on the right is wearing a hat, a grey jacket, a tie, and a false moustache.
Four women are standing together outside at the bottom of a staircase in front of a white building with yellow shutters on the windows. In front of them is a carpet of dead leaves.
A crocheted woman’s head on a white background. Her grey hair, pulled back into a bun, is made of strands of yarn. She has a prominent nose, big green eyes and a smiling mouth, and she is wearing green earrings. The object has a red label on it. To its right there is a pair of sunglasses.
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