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Long live the Fermières de Saint-Eustache !

In 2020, the Cercle de Fermières Saint-Eustache celebrated its one hundredth anniversary. Alice was thrilled to be able to mark the occasion with her aunt and her friends at a big festive banquet. She was responsible for finding little gifts for some of her fellow members who had belonged to the Cercle for 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, things didn’t quite go as expected. The Fermières had to adapt and change their plans. They organized meetings in small groups to knit in the park in the summer and started a new Facebook page.

Where there’s a will (subtitles available in EN and FR). Watch the video with the transcript (EN).

For a century in Saint-Eustache, hundreds of accomplished and budding craftswomen – strong, capable and compassionate women have been involved in making the Cercle a place for sharing, where women pass on their skills and support one another. But what is the recipe for its success, its longevity? One thing is clear: the ingredients include the desire to welcome all women regardless of background, and the ability to respond to today’s needs.

Recycling: it’s nothing new! (subtitles available in EN and FR). Watch the video with the transcript (EN).

A smiling woman wearing a blue jacket poses in front of a white wall. The photo shows her head and chest.

Jennifer Thomas

Handmade, as told by Jennifer Thomas. Listen to the audio clip with the transcript (EN).

The younger generation of Fermières like Alice are happy to discover the heritage preserved by the women who came before them, learn to be more self-reliant, and make and appreciate sustainable objects that reflect their environmental values.

Although it is always a challenge to recruit members from the next generation because young women often have many things on the go and plenty of responsibilities, the Fermières de Saint-Eustache are confident. The Cercle will continue to keep a set of skills and knowledge alive and pass them on for a long time to come. What more could we wish for the Fermières de Saint-Eustache?

Long live the Fermières de Saint-Eustache ! (subtitles available in EN and FR). Watch the video with the transcript (EN).