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The relationship between the Corporation du Moulin Légaré and the City of Saint-Eustache

The Corporation du Moulin Légaré (CML) Board of Directors and the City of Saint-Eustache are closely linked through their obligations under the agreement signed in 1978, which states that the City is the new owner of the mill and that the CML is responsible for managing it. The agreement benefits both parties. The CML benefits from the structure and the resources of a stable municipal administration while the City of Saint-Eustache can rely on a trustworthy organization to manage the heritage assets within its territory.

Over the years, both parties have learned to work together to preserve the Moulin Légaré. According to former Board members, relations with the City of Saint-Eustache have been good, except for a few minor hiccups involving renovations. Because of the building’s heritage status, many factors had to be considered. There were also challenges when it came to negotiating the size of the grant to be given to the CML by the City for renovations and to cover operating costs. However, these discussions did not prevent the two entities from building a strong, harmonious relationship.

The priorities set by the team of municipal councillors have a major impact on relations with the CML. Former members and volunteers often mention the administration of Mayor Claude Carignan, starting in 2000, as a time when municipal councillors showed an especially strong commitment to preserving and showcasing Saint-Eustache heritage. The current administration of Mayor Pierre Charron has maintained the same vision and developed it even further. Below, Mayor Pierre Charron talks about his contribution both on the CML board and on city council.

Medium close-up of Pierre Charron with short brown curly hair, wearing a navy jacket and striped shirt, sitting outside in front of some flowers.

Audio clip with transcript: Pierre Charron on the relationship between the Corporation du Moulin Légaré and municipal councillors

In 2005, a special service agreement was signed between the CML and the City of Saint-Eustache, under Mayor Claude Carignan’s administration. Under this agreement, the CML is now responsible for managing the city’s heritage attractions: the Moulin Légaré, the manoir Globensky (now called the Maison de la culture et du patrimoine), the Saint-Eustache Church and the gardens of the Chénier-Sauvé House. The CML is in charge of the human, financial and material resources used for development, promotion, and organizing guided tours of those attractions. The City provides the CML with the funds required to discharge its responsibilities. Since that date, a similar agreement has been renewed every three years.

Ernest Labelle explains how this agreement came to be signed.

View this video with a transcript: Ernest Labelle on the service agreement between the Corporation du Moulin Légaré and the City of Saint-Eustache

Finally, Michel Goyer, the current chair of the CML, talks about relations between the City and the Corporation, which are greatly facilitated by the professionalism of the people involved.

View this video with a transcript: Michel Goyer on the status of the Corporation du Moulin Légaré

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