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Many more years of success for the Corporation du Moulin Légaré

Over the past 40 years, a many volunteers have worked together under the leadership of the Corporation du Moulin Légaré (CML) to bring to life the heritage of Vieux-Saint-Eustache and its treasure, Moulin Légaré.

At the beginning, this exhibition highlighted the early work of mobilizing the community to ensure that the mill would continue to exist and that its history would be shared.

Secondly, from major renovation work to the development of educational programs, there were various projects involving volunteers and members of the board of directors.

Finally, during the third phase, the concerted efforts of volunteers, community members and professionals were focused on promoting the CML.

The closing words in this exhibition will be those of Daniel Saint-Pierre, expressing his appreciation to the community, and Ernest Labelle, wishing the CML many more years of success.

View this video with a transcript: Daniel Saint-Pierre expresses his appreciation to the community

View this video with a transcript: Ernest Labelle wishes the Corporation du Moulin Légaré many more years of success

Corporation du Moulin Légaré