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Explore the history of Bruck Mills by browsing through the images and video clips in the gallery.
The Bruck baseball team in uniform on three rows with coaches, in front of a baseball field.
Women's ball team and their coach in two rows in front of an embankment marked Bruck  with buildings in the background.
Bruck Silk Mills minor hockey team with coaches on an arena rink, photographed in three rows.
Cover page of the Entre-Nous newspaper with title: Victory Day in Cowansville
Cover page of Entre-Nous magazine, vol. 1 No 1, June 1944. We see a welcome note from the director and a photo of the throwing department and the artists' department.
Cover page of the Bruck Mills Limited annual report in 1948 with a photo of a yarn shuttle on a loom.
Jean-Nil Gince, employé de la Bruck, à son poste de travail, avec le nom et son nom et la date 1958 inscrite au bas.
Black and white photo of a man seen from behind in front of a loom
Black and white photo of a worker bent over a loom
Autographed photo by Gerald Bruck showing the presentation of a watch to employee Sylvanus Fuller in front of guests
Gerald Bruck, wearing glasses and a suit poses in front of a table where fabrics are draped all around
Black and white photo of the Bruck Mills laboratory with two employees at work.