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Explore the history of Bruck Mills by browsing through the images and video clips in the gallery.
Two superimposed black and white panoramic photos, both showing large groups of people, men and women, looking at the camera.
Black and white photo with a worker behind multiple spools of thread.
Frame displaying a piece of fabric with a red and gray stripe and a plaque identifying it as the first yard of woven silk in Canada.
Black and white photo showing a worker looking at rows of spools of thread.
Pages of Fabric News magazine in color and black and white, with models wearing Bruck fabrics.
View of the facade of the Bruck Museum, a red brick building with three skylights.
Color painting representing an impressionistic way of an autumn landscape with a fence in the foreground.
Typewritten text arranged in columns with rectangles and strokes drawn between the words.
Color photo of rows of weaving machines
Aerial view of the Bruck factory buildings
Black and white photo of a young girl sitting in front of a device with her hands on a typewriter-like keyboard.
Section of a pale blue and white tablecloth with floral patterns. A wooden object called a shuttle is placed on the tablecloth
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