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Explore the history of Bruck Mills by browsing through the images and video clips in the gallery.
Black and white announcement of Bruck Mills Australia Ltd. with title Wangaratta-Cowansville and text in English promoting the 2 cities connected by dots on a map showing Australia and Quebec.
Color photo of a large room with artwork hanging on pale gray walls.
View of a room with wooden staircase and old black and white photos displayed on the walls
Black and white portrait of young man (Isaac Bruck), in suit and tie.
Black and white portrait of a young man (Leopold S. Lee) in suit and tie and wearing a mustache.
Black and white portrait of Robert Bruck, vice-president
Formal black and white portrait of Isaac Bruck, in suit and tie
Black and white group photo with several rows of men and women who are sitting or standing in a field and looking at the camera. A parked truck appears in the distance, at the top of the photo.
Black and white poster pasted on a window
Series of black and white images showing workers operating machinery and a photo of a truck
Drawing showing an aerial view of industrial buildings
Photo of an entrance hall with a wooden staircase, a framed canvas, a poster on an easel and a bronze bust.