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Entre-Nous: a magazine produced by employees

Cover page showing an operator preparing the spools for the loom shuttle.

Entre-Nous, 1946


“This magazine is intended as a service to you and will provide an opportunity to learn about the many activities of your plant and for you to share your own. “Entre-Nous” will be straightforward, both by its principles and general content, and will also be patriotic, social, and industrial. I wish success and long life to your magazine.”

-Allan Watt, general manager

A magazine published by and for the employees
The monthly bilingual newspaper Entre-Nous is created in 1944 by Bruck Mills for its workers and their families. It is written by Oscar Darche in collaboration with photographer Claude Pagerie and other employees from various departments. The newspaper announces birthdays, weddings, births and deaths affecting staff. It reports on the company’s news and wellness program and comments on its recreational activities and many sports clubs.

Cover page of the magazine Entre-Nous with two rows of workers sitting on the grass around a flower bed that reads

Entre-Nous, 1947


Black and white photo of a young girl sitting in front of a device with her hands on a typewriter-like keyboard.

Madeleine Fournier, Bruck Mills employee featured in the Entre-Nous newspaper, 1953

Magazine page showing workers at their workstations.

Top left, Madeleine Fournier, 1953

A showcase and a witness 
Serving the community of French- and English-speaking workers, Entre-Nous helps to create and maintain relationships not only within the Cowansville mill, but also with other mills in Farnham, Sherbrooke, and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Bruck employees carefully keep their copies, which are circulated among their families. The newspaper ceases publication in 1954 due to high costs. Entre-Nous is a precious witness to an era and of local history.

Cover page of Entre-Nous magazine, Vol. 5 no 3, March 1948 with a photo of 2 men playing billiards.

Entre-Nous, 1948

A workman bends over a roll of metal with small engraver's tools around it.

Entre-Nous, 1946