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Glamour and cinema: Bruck fabrics and fashion

ColoFront cover of Bruck Fabric News magazine in 1946, depicting an elegantly dressed woman leaning on an armchair against a pink background r cover of the magazine

Cover of Bruck Fabric News magazine, 1946

Bruck Fabric News: a leading magazine for the textile industry
By the late 1930s, Bruck Silk Mills has established its reputation in the field of fashion and high-end fabrics. Launching in 1938 and printing up to 18,000 copies by the end of the 1950s, Bruck Fabric News is published twice a month and distributed to department store buyers and fashion designers. Displaying the latest trends, the fabrics designed and manufactured by Bruck are shown in original creations by renowned designers, including Joseph Ribkoff. They are sold in major department stores such as Eaton’s, Ogilvy’s, Reitman’s, and Simpsons-Sears and, in the United States, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s.

Pages of Fabric News magazine in color and black and white, with models wearing Bruck fabrics.

Advertising pages and editorial pages of Bruck Fabric News magazine

Launch of the film Le tissu de notre histoire
In 1946, Bruck Silk Mills celebrates its 25th anniversary and publishes a special annual report that recounts the company’s history. Abundantly illustrated with high-quality photographs, the publication outlines the different manufacturing operations performed by the plant’s employees.

Black and white advertising poster with film strips and title

Promotional brochure, 1948

At the same time, the company produces a prestigious promotional film, Le tissu de notre histoire, which retraces each step of the manufacturing process of Bruck Silk Mills’ textiles, from their design and manufacture at the Cowansville factory to their delivery. Clothing created from Bruck’s fabrics are presented in the chic setting of the Manoir Richelieu in Pointe-au-Pic. Directed by Reginald Gillman, the film was released in 1948 and shown in Canada, Europe and Australia.

The fabric of our story. Discover the video with the transcript (EN).

A group of young women gathered outside a factory entrance under a sign displaying Bruck Mills Limited

Visiting students of the École centrale d’arts et métiers de Montréal, 1950