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Explore the history of Bruck Mills by browsing through the images and video clips in the gallery.
A female worker stands in front of a loom and a man is standing behind her.
Three employees, a man in a white shirt and tie, a man in work clothes and a woman wearing an apron, pose in front of a long table in a factory.
Aerial photo of the Bruck Mills factory with the adjacent railway and workers' houses.
Ten similar houses built on either side of the street.
Letter on Bruck factory letterhead requesting a construction permit for the expansion of a weaving mill
Commemorative brass plaque engraved with the inscription First Yard of silk made in Canada
Trade show booth displaying fabrics placed for exhibition.
A cast bronze bust of Isaac Bruck placed on a pedestal
Newspaper ad in English for employee recruitment.
Cowansville station with Bruck Silk Mills offices in the background.
Black and white photo showing 38 employees of Bruck Silk Mills wearing typical 1920s clothing
Black and white photo of the buildings of the Bruck Silk Mills around 1925 and, in the foreground, a railway and wagons.
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