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Explore the history of Bruck Mills by browsing through the images and video clips in the gallery.
Huge crane dismantling a black wooden water tower with the inscription Bruck Mills Limited.
Three color illustrations with maple leaf designs
Black and white photo with 15 men seated at a long table with several flags hanging above them.
Black and white photo of members of the first President's Club pose in two rows with their gifts in their hands.
Photo dédicacée par Gerald Bruck qui remet un cadeau à l'employé Lucien Racicot.
Extract from the Journal Entre-Nous showing the Bruck truck and its driver.
Newspaper article showing two people in winter coats in front of an old snowmobile.
Cover page of Entre-Nous magazine from July-August 1950 with a photo of 5 newlywed couples in front of a flower bed with the words BETWEEN US written with flowers.
Cover page of Entre-Nous magazine showing a doctor taking pressure from an employee with a nurse in the background.
A group of Bruck Mills employees posing at a party at Maison Bruck in 1944.
Santa Claus allegorical float during the parade in Cowansville.
Three rows of men in shirts and ties on a golf course. Those in the first row are seated on lawn chairs.