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Explore the history of Bruck Mills by browsing through the images and video clips in the gallery.
Promotional brochure for the 50th anniversary of the Cowansville art Center with images of several of the paintings on display.
Color illustration with the portrait of a man (Gerald Bruck) in front of a montage of various images and a collage of letters spelling out the word invitation.
Cover page of a yellow leaflet with a drawing of Maison Bruck.
Color map plan with drawings of the Bruck factory buildings
Montage of three images of an exhibition room at the Bruck Museum. In two images, a lady examines the works and in the third image, we see a dress mounted on a wooden mannequin in front of a frame on the wall.
Three young boys seated in front of a school bag with a poster of the Bruck Museum logo and a bronze bust in the background.
Elderly man seated in an armchair behind a smiling man in the foreground.
A cameraman films two elderly men looking at photographs placed on a table.
Two elderly women sitting at a table are talking to each other.
Black and white poster with photos of factory workers and title: Invitation to a reunion.
Color photo where elderly people are seated around several tables in the foreground and are talking. Other people are standing in the background talking in small groups in front of two windows and a screen.
Photo of the Bruck Museum with park bench and sign in the foreground