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Acknowledgements and credits

This virtual exhibition was produced by the Notre-Dame-Du-Bon-Conseil History Centre. The SNDBC Archives were key partners for the project, as were the members of the Congregation.

The History Centre would like to highlight the contribution of Hélène Lalancette of SNDBC Archives.

A special thank you to Monique Gaudin (Saint-Réjean), who authorised the consultation and use of related documents. Furthermore, her revisions and comments were greatly appreciated.



General management and coordination: Hélène Girard

Documentary and iconography research: Julie Gagnon

Texts: Julie Gagnon

Content review committee: Hélène Girard, Hélène Lalancette, Élizabeth C. Labbé and Sister Monique Gaudin

Integration of contents and page layout: Julie Gagnon

Editing: Christine Martel

Audio recording, montage and production: Julie Gagnon
Interview: Julie Gagnon; interviewee: Sister Murielle Levesque

Main translator: Martin Maltais, Les Traductions Québec-Amérique