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A collection of photos, illustrations, archival documents, and video and audio testimonies that tell the story of Sutton, a community shaped in large measure by its proximity to the border with Vermont.
A drawing of a hand to symbolize Mary Frary writing in her diary.
Portrait of Gerard Veilleux
Photo of a smuggler.
The mule at left is wearing a long, loose-fitting coat; on the right, once her coat is off, we can see that bottles can be hidden in folds at the bottom of the dress.
Workers rip open barrels to dump the alcohol; the empty barrels pile up along a gentle slope.
A watchful bailiff supervises workers as they pour the contents of a barrel down the sewer.
Queen Lill with some of the sheep on the farm where she retired in the mountains of Vermont in 1929.
Photo of Queen Lill holding a parrot in her hand.
Photo of the three-storey Palace of Sins. The Canadian Pacific Railway tracks ran right in front of the building.
Photo of the interior of Abercorn House.
Photo of the International House, formerly the Prince Albert Hotel from 1860 to 2000, located at 66 Thibault Street S
Photo of the Prince of Walles from 1833 to 1985, located at 52 Thibault Street
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