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Prohibition crosses the border

Prohibition was finally abolished in Québec following a pan-Québec referendum in 1919. Brome County was one of seven to vote against abolition. Ironically, that same year, the United States passed the Volstead Act, which decreed that trade in alcohol was now forbidden throughout the United States. It was a  triumph for temperance movements that had been campaigning for such a ban for more than half a century.

Banner headline from the newspaper The American Issue: U.S is Voted Dry.

The Americans’ turn at abstinence


Prohibition supporters use cartoons as weapons.

The cartoon shows a group of women waiting for their husbands outside a liquor store.

Cartoonists had a field day with the temperance debate.


Image of a man in prison. The bubble it says: Drinking Leads to Neglect of Duty, Moral Degradation and Crime.

Alcohol leads to a loss of parental authority, neglect of their duties, moral degradation and crime.






Cartoon of a group of women with a banner that reads: Lips that Touch Liquor Shall not Touch Ours.

All pressure tactics are valid.